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2018 - Furnaces BA-301-306 Cat Reforming Unit (S-300)

Green Ray


Application of HEC coatings in the BA-301, BA-302, BA-303, BA-304, BA-305, BA-306 furnaces of Catalytic Reforming-Platforming Unit at NIS a.d. Novi Sad in 2018.

Letter from the Directorate of Energy of JSC "NIS a.d. Novi Sad" dated 06/15/2021, Ex. No. DVN102000/IZDO/3753/2021 based on the results of of the implementation of the Furnace Blackening Technology with HEC coatings in the BA-301/302/303/304, BA-305 and BA-306 of the combined S-300 platforming and hydrotreating unit at the Pancevo refinery in 2018:

"During period from 24.02.2018 to 06.03.2018, the project to increase the energy efficiency and stable operation of the furnaces of the S-300 section, the combined catalytic reforming unit "PLATFORMING" and hydrotreating unit "UNIFINING" was implemented. Inside the radiation chamber of the furnaces BA-301, 302, 303, 304, BA-305, BA-306, a high emissivity ceramic coating was applied to tubes and refractory lining.

The licensor of the process is UOP (USA), detailed design and engineering services were provided by Lummus Company. Burner equipment in furnaces manufactured by John Zink.

According to comparable operational data "Before" and "After" application of high-emissivity coatings, the actual effect of reducing the specific consumption of conventional fuel was achieved. The average value of actual effect for the S-300 section was 4.5%, which is recorded in the form of an official report. "

Ivan Kuznetsov, Head of Directorate of Energy in "NIS a.d. Novi Sad"

Green Ray

Employees of Green Ray Ltd. (Supervisors) took an active part in the successful implementation of this project.

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