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About company

Green Ray

Green Ray

A Fusion of Knowledge, Experience and Energy

Our Mainstreame is from IDEA to the FINAL PRODUCT that is in demand on the market. Our market is high-tech production, installations and equipment of oil refining, petrochemicals, chemical industry. Production facilities of these industries are classified as particularly dangerous and technically complex capital construction projects. This implies special requirements for organization and production of the whole range of services and works offered by Green Ray company from feasibility study up to commissioning with putting in a routine mode with subsequent warranty service.

In order to sail the right course, it is important to be able to see Signs and Beacons along the way.

Our BEACONS are efficient innovative TECHNOLOGIES that can be used for implement IDEAS. Embodiment them into "hardware" with the planned result, with minimal loss of time and Customer's resources. In order to generate IDEAS, you need to understand what the market needs, what issues are relevant for the Customer, which of them are still unresolved, which production processes take the maximum amount of Customer’s resources, and which ones most affect the safe, reliable and trouble-free operation of technological equipment.

Business is done not by Companies, but by People.

Employees of Green Ray company are distinguished by their rich life and production experience, and they have a number of successfully implemented large projects that they can be proud of. For the first time in Russia and in the world, this projects implemented IDEAS that are considered the BEST PRACTICES today.

Our team has:

  • knowledge of technological processes;
  • creative thinking and the ability to generate IDEAS;
  • rich experience in implementing IDEAS at all stages of the implementation process;
  • experience in developing conceptual solutions in various variations;
  • the practice of performing project work from the Basic Desing to the Working Documentation;
  • knowledge of the legislation and rules of trade operations, including international ones, related to logistics and customs clearance of goods in various modes of their movement across the state borders, including export;
  • the practice of working "on the ground" during construction, installation and commissioning;
  • experience in leadership and managing the implementation of a number of large industrial investment projects;
  • the energy of youth and youthful enthusiasm.

All this instills confidence in our own abilities, gives optimism and faith in the future of the Company, and also arouses trust and respect from our Customers.

We will be grateful if you look around and share your dayly concerns with us in order to think together and find solutions of the problems that life puts before us. "One head is good, and three is better" :) In life, sometimes it happens that a “fresh look” from the outside always can be seen something new. 
Gulshat Akhmadeeva, General Director of Green Ray Ltd.

The qualifications, references and experience of the employees of "Green Ray Ltd." are described at the following link of this website:

Green Ray