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Green Ray

Construction and Installation works

Even if the Equipment and materials necessary for the implementation of the Technology are delivered, they may remain in the packaging for years...

... until the Builders come, that is, those who will assemble everything as planned by the Technologist and as described in the documentation by the Designer.

Green Ray

In order for all this equipment to work, all the delivered equipment must be assembled into a single unit, and all the equipment must be linked together so that it becomes a single Self-Sufficient Structure.

In other words, you need to complete all the work provided by the Project.

Green Ray

In large-scale Projects, this is usually a set of works that includes:

  • Dismantling of existing structures and preparing the construction site;
  • Earthwork;
  • Foundation construction;
  • Installation of load-bearing structures;
  • Installation of enclosing structures;
  • Laying of all communications (supply of resources, energy, raw material supply and removal of products and processing residues, control and management cables, etc.);
  • Installation of the main technological equipment, auxiliary equipment, their binding and connection;
  • Start-up and adjustment works.

According to the "Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation" from 29.12.2004 No.190-FZ, Construction and Installation works must be performed by persons who are members of professional associations - Self-Regulating Organizations (SRO).

The employees experience of Green Ray company in the Construction and Installation works is presented in Tables 1, 2 and 6 on the page "Company" in the section "Qualifications & Experience" of this website:

Green Ray

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