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Green Ray

emisspro ®

It's a line of ceramic coatings with a high emissivity coefficient. They will make your furnace better.

Texplore Co. Ltd.

Green Ray

The Customer benefits:

  • Increasing the thermal efficiency of the furnace;
  • Fuel economy;
  • Optimal use of furnace power and unit performance;
  • Protection for refractory from destruction by aggressive flue gases;
  • Protection of metal of furnace tubes from oxidation and from appearance of scale on the surfaces;
  • Increasing the reliability and service life of refractory, tubes and furnace;
  • Reduction of expenses for current and capital repairs of the furnace during its life cycle;
  • The possibility to avoid overheating and/or underheating of the tubes in firebox by creating a uniform thermal field inside it;
  • Reducing the rate of coking inside the furnace tubes, increasing the overhaul run of the furnace and the unit;
  • Reduction of the rate of deposits formation from combustion products on the outer surface of the tubes in firebox.
  • Reduction of NOx formation by thermal mechanism;
  • Reduction of gross emissions of harmful substances with flue gases (CO2, SOx, NOx).

The main Technical characteristics and properties of emisspro ® coatings:

Green Ray

The emisspro ® line includes the following Series of coatings:

  • R-Series for application to mineral refractory in furnaces (chamotte, concrete, fiber, etc.);
  • HT R-Series for application to refractory in the high temperature zone;
  • Cr-free R-Series - for application on refractory, does not contain chromium compounds;
  • T-Series - for application to tubes and other heat- admitting surfaces in furnace. It has increased adhesion to metal.

Green Ray

The maximum effect from the use of High-Emissivity ceramic coatings is achieved:

  • in high-loaded furnaces of high capacity atmospheric and vacuum distillation units;
  • in heat-stressed furnaces of high-temperature processes, including in furnaces of pyrolysis of hydrocarbons in the production of olefins;
  • in the furnaces of catalytic reforming of medium distillates;
  • in steam reforming furnaces;
  • in the furnaces of hydrotreating and hydro-refining processes.

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Green Ray