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Guarantees for FBT

Green Ray

In the framework of construction contracts or technology implementation agreements, "Green Ray Ltd", together with the HEC material manufacturer, is ready to take over:

  • Mechanical Guarantees for the material and construction work for the period of one inter-repair run of the Object;
  • Technological Guarantees for the minimum economic effect.

The minimum guaranteed % economic effect can be determined by "Green Ray Ltd." after collecting the initial data on the furnace and performing an instrumental heat engineering survey of the furnace BEFORE implementing the FB Technology.

Details can be found in the menu of the site-bar on this site-page.

According to the existing experience of implementing FB Technology the size of the economic effect significantly exceeds 3% when applying HEC to all active surfaces in fire-chamber of the furnace that are involved in radiation heat exchange (lining in fire-chamber of the furnace and radiation pipes).

You can get acquainted with the practical results of the FBT work performed on the "References" page of this site:

You can find positive feedback from Customers at the link:

Work on the energy service contract can also be considered for the registration of relations with the Customer. In Russia, this is applicable in accordance with Federal Law No.261-FZ dated 23.11.2009 "On Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement".

The employees of "Green Ray Ltd." have practical experience in the energy service contract in Bulgaria with JSC "LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas". In Burgas, 3 projects were implemented in different years from 2014 to 2019.

Reviews of JSC "LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas" on the work performed can be found at the link:

References of employees of "Green Ray" company on works related to the implementation of the Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) using High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coatings are described on the website page :

The qualifications, references and experience of the employees of "Green Ray Ltd." are described at the link of this website:

Customer reviews can be found on the page:

Green Ray

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