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Mechanical Guarantees for HEC and for it applying

Green Ray

The warranty period for effective operation of the HEC coating system can be clarified after collecting, studying and analyzing the Data on the Object as a result of a technical survey, including a survey of the physical condition of the lining and metal coil tubes.

The warranty period for effective operation of HEC coatings depends on :

  • the conditions, nature and intensity of operation;
  • the temperature mode of Object operation;
  • the length of the Object's inter-repair runs;
  • the frequency of starts and stops;
  • the compliance with the Rules and Regulations for the operation of these facilities;
  • the type and composition of fuel for combustion;
  • the condition of the base on which the HEC coating is applied;
  • the quality of repair and restoration work lining in the furnace;
  • the nature and power of mechanical impacts during operation and during subsequent repairs;
  • the existence of emergency situations during operation.

As a rule, the warranty period is set for at least one inter-repair run of the Object.

Green Ray

There is a recommendation to conduct common Inspections with an assessment of the technical condition of the HEC coating during all subsequent overhauls after HEC application. During such Inspections, it is possible to observe and rejection the HEC with recommendations for cleaning surfaces from combustion products, deposits, restoring or repairing HEC coating.

Green Ray

In Warranty Case, it's need to involve specialists of "Green Ray Ltd" to participate in such Inspections of the Furnace to issue recommendations or eliminate deficiencies recognized as warranty with the restoration of HEC coatings.

During a joint Inspection with the Customer, recommendations may be issued regarding the re-application of HEC coatings.

For example, after 8 years of operation, JSC "Gazpromneft - Omsk Refinery" decided to restore the Solcoat coating on the Furnaces of the KT-1/1 Unit and Aromatic Production Complex in the autumn of 2020.

Green Ray

Or, JSC "LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas" decided to re-apply HEC coating to the P-101 Furnace at the AVD-1 Unit after two years of operation in connection with the replacement of coil pipes in radiation chambers. At the same time, it was taken into account that the payback period for this event at the European refinery according to the results of the first work was 4 months (at the level of fuel prices in 2015-2016).

Green Ray

References of employees of "Green Ray" company on works related to the implementation of the Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) using High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coatings are described on the website page :

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