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Palette and Scope of Work

Green Ray

The scope of work on the implementation of Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) by applying a High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coating is defined by the Customer in the Technical Specifications (TS) and may include, but is not limited to :


  1. Performing surveys and collecting data, including thermal imaging, of several of the most energy-consuming, heat-loaded furnaces (Objects) operating at parameters close to critical values.
  2. Analysis of the collected data and issuing recommendations to the Customer on the choice of the most important Object in terms of relevance, where the implementation of FB Technology will give the maximum and rapid economic or technological effect.
  3. Joint work with the Customer on budgeting time and money, based on the calculations of the proposed Technical and Economic Effect of the implementation of FBT, and other recommended by "Green Ray Ltd" economically feasible measures for Objects in order to form and protect the Feasibility Study of this event.
  4. Assistance and technical support to the Customer in the preparation of Technical Specifications (TS) for the organization of Tender procedures.
  5. Creation of the Object estimation model, development and coordination with the Customer of the Method for determining the actual effect, depending on the tasks and expectations from the Customer concerning FBT.puz2
  6. Performing a survey of the furnace BEFORE applying HEC coatings, collecting data on the furnace in normal operation of the Unit in accordance with the Regulations on workloads. Performing thermal imaging.
  7. Development and coordination with the Customer of Work Schedules and Schedules of Temperature Rise in the furnace at the first start-up after applying the HEC coating.
  8. Development of Projects for the Production of Works (PPW), including work at height (PPWH), and their agreed with the Customer.
  9. Timely delivery of the main material HEC coating and other necessary materials to the workset on the Site.
  10. Arrival of qualified personnel, supervisors, labor force to the worksite. Registration of passes to the Object. Passing instructions on the safe production of work on the site. Opening of Work-Permits for the execution of dangerous types of work.
  11. Timely delivery of equipment and components to the place of worksite on the application of HEC coating. The choice of equipment and its configuration is made depending on: the accepted method of applying the HEC coating, climatic conditions during the period of work.
  12. Organization of all connections to the Customer's networks at the worksite (electricity, water, technical air, steam, and others if necessary).puz3
  13. Installation of inventory scaffolding for the ability to perform work at height, if necessary.
  14. Cleaning and preparation of surfaces inside the furnaces for applying the HEC coating. Cleaning the surfaces of the lining and coils pipes using the abrasive blasting method. Quality control of the work in accordance with instructions of the Manufacturer of the HEC coating material.
  15. Dedusting of surfaces before applying HEC coating and quality control of these work.
  16. Creating climatic conditions in the place where the HEC composition is prepared for use, as well as inside the Object (the radiation chamber of the furnace). A positive temperature is required (not less than +5 Celsius) and conditions that exclude the formation of condensation and wet streaks after coating. These conditions are created by installing heated housing and heating the radiation chamber, if necessary and in winter conditions.
  17. Preparation of components and production of ready-to-use HEC composition at the worksite. Quality control of ready-to-use HEC composition.
  18. Application of HEC coating on the surface of the lining and heat exchange surfaces of pipes inside the radiation chamber of the furnace. Quality control of the applied HEC coating.
  19. Cleaning the territory of the worksite. Collection, loading, removal and disposal of industrial waste that will be generated during the works.puz4
  20. Control of temperature and humidity in the radiation chamber of the Object before start-up operations and closing the repair manholes on the furnace.
  21. Monitoring of the Temperature Rise Schedule in the radiation chamber of the furnace during start-up operations.
  22. In agreement with the Customer, work on setting up the combustion mode of the furnace after putting the entire Unit into normal operation in accordance with the current Unit Regulations.
  23. Performing an inspection of the furnace and collect data on the operation of the furnace AFTER applying the HEC coating at workloads in normal operation of the Unit in accordance with the Unit Regulations. Performing thermal imaging of furnace.
  24. Execution of technological and heat engineering calculations provided for by the Method of Calculating the Actual Effect agreed with the Customer.
  25. Passing and approving with the Customer a Report on the Actual Effect achieved from the implementation of FBT using HEC coatings.
  26. In agreement with the Customer, development of other measures for the Object to the level of Feasibility Study, aimed at improving the efficiency of its work.

The final version of the names and scope of work is determined by the Customer in Technical Specification (TS).

"Green Ray Ltd." has the right to check the accuracy of the scope of work specified by the Customer in the TS for compliance with the facts.

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