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Green Ray

Supplies of equipment, components, spare parts and materials

Now the word "hardware" is understood control processors, including large production chains and separate production sites, technological installations, individual devices and mechanisms.

Equipment is something that "do the job" or produces a useful action, or creates the conditions for it.

This is what makes an Idea take material form or materialize.

Theory without Practice is dead and fruitless.

Practice without Theory is useless and pernicious.

For the Theory of necessary Knowledge.

Practice needs Skills in addition.

This phrases are attributed to:

  • Protagoras   (C. 490 BC - C. 420 BC), philosopher of Ancient Greece, founder of scientific grammar, one of the first sophists


  • Euclid   (C. 325 BC - about 265 BC), a mathematician of the Alexandrian school, who wrote "The Beginning"


  • Mikhail Lomonosov   (1711-1765), encyclopedist, physicist, chemist, painter and poet


  • Alexander Suvorov   (1730-1800), commander, founder of Russian military science


  • Friedrich Engels   (1820-1895), philosopher, historian, political figure, founder of Marxism


  • Paphnutius Chebyshev   (1821-1894), great mathematician of the XIX century, mechanic, inventor, military engineer, teacher, founder of the St. Petersburg scientific school, Academician


  • Alexey Krylov   (1863-1945), mathematician, mechanic, shipbuilder, Admiral of the Russian Fleet


Equipment brings Technology to life

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Green Ray

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