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Tax advice

Green Ray

Taxes are the economic basis of any State's life.

Taxes are an individual mandatory and non-refundable payment in favor of the State, collected voluntarily and forcibly from Individuals and Legal Entities in the form of alienation of funds belonging to them by right of ownership, economic management or operational management for the purpose of financial support of the life of the State and/or Municipalities.

So... in other words, in principle, this is a matter of State Security.

Further, all funds collected from all taxpayers are used by the State for:
  • maintenance of its Bodies of power, which is direct non-refundable expenses;
  • direct regulation of the State's life through investments, grants, subventions, subsidies, transfers, prices, etc.;
  • indirect regulation of State's life through tax policy, industrial policy, monetary, insurance, depreciation policy, etc.;
  • redistribution of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and National Income of the State;
  • support of Social Policy, equalization of Citizens ' incomes;
  • ensuring Political Stability,
  • ensuring conditions for Economic Growth;
  • providing conditions for educational, physical and spiritual Growth and Development of Citizens of the State;
  • providing conditions for the Growth of the Number of Citizens (Population) of the State.
That's how it should be.

Green Ray

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