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Chief Mechanics Council - 2021

Chief Mechanics Council - 2021
10.12.2021 Category: News Views: 719

The Meeting of Chief Mechanics of refining and petrochemical enterprises of Russia and the CIS took place from 06 to 10 December 2021 in Klyazma near Moscow.


It was dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Sedov, General Director of "STC under the Chief Mechanics Council of Refineries and Petrochemical”, St. Petersburg.

The meeting was held with the participation of specialists from research institutes, design organizations, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies.

The Topic of the Mechanics meeting: "Prospects for the production and application of domestic competitive equipment in the oil and gas industry, experience in the operation, modernization and repair of technological equipment of foreign production. Development of the system of maintenance and repair of equipment in the conditions of constraints".

We express our great gratitude to the organizers of the event, STC, all of Chief Mechanics, the Council of Chief Mechanics, and all the participants of this event. Every day, busy working hours at the Meeting and at the Exhibition were replaced by casual communication in an informal setting.

Green Ray Ltd. represented REPCO NEX Industrial Solutions company and its CiBot product.

Report was presented to the attention of the Chief Mechanics Council and all participants of the meeting on the topic of:

"CiBot - robotic complex for complete inspection and diagnostics of the furnace radiant tubes in the field with a report in 24 hours."

The following issues were highlighted in the CiBot Presentation:

  • Information about REPCO. Products and services of the company;
  • Description of the integrated Cubot™ service;
  • Analysis of the causes of problems and their solution using Cubot™;
  • Integrated solutions to increase the reliability and safety of furnace operation, the service life of furnace elements - tubes and lining, increase the energy, technological and environmental efficiency of furnaces.

Increasing the reliability and safety of the furnaces operation are the priority areas of activity of the companies "REPCO NEX Industrial Solutions" and "Green Ray".

To view the CiBot brochure → CiBot Brochure

To watch the CiBot Presentation → CiBot Presentation

Details about CiBot can be found at the link: CiBot Page

The details of the Meeting of Chief Mechanics and its results can be found at the link: Meeting of Chief Mechanics - 2021.

Green Ray