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Chief Power Engineers Meeting - Russia & CIF - 2022

Chief Power Engineers Meeting - Russia  CIF - 2022
14.10.2022 Category: News Views: 614

The regular annual meeting of the Council of Chief Power Engineers of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Enterprises of Russia and the CIS was held from October 11 to 14, 2022.


ОThe main topic of the Meeting of specialists of energy services of refineries and petrochemical plants, representatives of engineering companies and suppliers of equipment for the energy complex was:

«Experience of import substitution, including piecemeal repair of power equipment. Reengineering and maintenance»

The meeting was attended by 32 heads of energy departments of refineries and petrochemical enterprises. The Meeting participants listened to 12 reports from Chief Power Engineers and more than 45 reports from companies offering their services, equipment, solutions and technologies for use and implementation in the services of Chief Power Engineers.

Green Ray

Green Ray Ltd. is grateful to the organizers of the event STC "CMC" Ltd., all the Chief Power Engineers, the Council of Chief Power Engineers, personally Chairman of the CCPE Denis Yushkov, as well as all participants of this event, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to make a report, for the attention, questions and opinions on the report. Everyday busy working hours at the meeting and at the exhibition were replaced by casual communication in an informal setting.

Green Ray

Green Ray Ltd. together with its partner Thai company Texplore Co. Ltd. presented to the attention of the Main Power Engineers the Technology of "blackening" the fireboxes of industrial furnaces using the emisspro™ product line.

Chief Engineer of Green Ray Ltd. Azat Karimov presented a Report to the participants of the Chief Power Engineers Meeting -2022 on the topic:

«Increasing the energy efficiency of fuel consuming devices (furnaces) by "blackening" their fireboxes by applying emisspro™ ceramic coatings with a high coefficient of emissivity».

The Report contained the main activities of Green Ray Ltd., but the main attention of the audience was paid to the proposed Technology of "blackening" the fireboxes of furnaces.

The following aspects of the Technology were highlighted in the Report:

  • the main mechanisms of radiant radiation heat exchange in furnaces of refineries and petrochemical enterprises were disclosed;
  • the nature of the glow of gases, including triatomic gases in the composition of flue gases, was described;
  • a comparison of the radiation power distribution diagram depending on the wavelength of the blackbody radiation, the emisspro™ material and flue gases was given;
  • the long-term effects that can be achieved with the introduction of the technology of "blackening" fireboxes furnaces with emisspro™ material were described;
  • references were given to the indirect approval of this technology by the company UOP Honeywell;
  • direct approval of the emisspro™ product was announced from AXENS in early 2022;
  • the emisspro™ product line offered to the market was described;
  • the technical characteristics of the emisspro™ product and the advantages of this product over competitors in the market were described;
  • it was spoken about the experience and references of employees of Green Ray Дев. and their partners from Texplore Co. Ltd.(Thailand);
  • the potential of saving the specific consumption of conventional fuel in furnaces when using emisspro™ products in the amount of up to 8...10% when emisspro™ applied to both lining and tubes, depending on the current condition and actual parameters of operation of the furnaces, was stated.

The company Green Ray Ltd. once again expressed its readiness to provide customers with a full range of services for the implementation of the Technology of "blackening" the fireboxes of furnaces, including:

  • conducting surveys, collecting data;
  • performing calculations of the predicted and actually achieved effect;
  • execution of construction and installation works with surface preparation and application of emisspro™ material with continuous quality control of each technological operation;
  • provision of subsequent service within the framework of warranty service, including with an extension of the mechanical warranty period at the request of the customer;
  • development joint with the customer of methods for determining the actually achieved effects for furnaces of various technological processes, both for the own work and for the work of third parties.

Additional information on the text of the Report can be provided to interested parties upon written request.

Additional information about the Technology of "blackening" the fireboxes of furnaces can be found on the following pages of this website:

The technology of "blackening" the fireboxes of furnaces.

Emisspro™ product line

The details of the Chief Power Engineers Meeting 2022 and its results can be found at the link: Chief Power Engineers Meeting 2022

Green Ray