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Green Ray

High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coatings due to their properties can be effectively used in various industries and on various thermal units, including:

  • in Refining and Petrochemistry on various furnaces, including heating and reaction furnaces. The greatest effect can be obtained on heavily loaded furnaces with high thermal stress and a large absolute fuel consumption for radiation heating.
  • in Power Industry in boilers with a high thermal load on the combustion chamber (firebox), including for protection against high-temperature corrosion and abrasive wear in the case using of solid fuel.
  • in Metallurgy, in blast furnace air heaters, regenerators, coke furnaces, annealing furnaces, forge hearths and other firing Units.
  • in Cement Industry in rotary drum type kilns as part of lining elements of furnaces.
  • in Aluminum industry, in rotating drum furnaces for calcining petroleum coke as part of the lining elements of furnaces. 
  • at the enterprises of thermal processing and utilization of industrial and household waste, where the requirements for resistance to aggressive high-temperature gases are high.
  • in furnaces of the Glass and Ceramics industry.

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Green Ray

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