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Green Ray

Green Ray

DeCA - antifoulant

DeCA was developed by experienced practitioners of the company, employees of SCG Holding (Siam Cement Public Company Limited), who have many years of experience in the operation of technological equipment and are well versed in the production processes of vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Antifoulant DeCA has been specially developed to combat deposits in heat exchange equipment.

Green Ray

We propose to implement the DeCA System, which is a comprehensive solution that includes service and maintenance:

Green Ray

With implementing the DeCA System, the Customer will receive the following benefits:

  • Increasing the thermal efficiency of the equipment;

  • Increasing the technological efficiency of the equipment;

  • Increase in the inter-repair mileage of equipment by 1.5...3 times;

  • Reducing the cost of maintenance and cleaning of equipment during major repairs by 1.5...2 times;

  • Reserve for increasing the productivity of the technological installation.

Green Ray

Green Ray

DeCA system - STOP deposits!

Download the DeCA brochure → DeCA

Additional information about the company Texplore Co. Ltd.

The DeCA™ product was presented by Green Ray Ltd. in reports and presentations at the Annual Congress on Oil Refining and Petrochemistry of PRC Russia and CIS in St. Petersburg on September 20-21, 2021 and at the Meeting of Chief Mechanics Council of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Enterprises of Russia and the CIS in October 2021.

SCG Chemical - Texplore Co. Ltd.

Texplore Co. Ltd.

Green Ray

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