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FBT Implementation Algorithm

Green Ray

We can distinguish the following Stages of execution of Projects for the implementation of Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT):

  • Information exchange, correspondence, presentations, webinars, etc.;
  • Selecting potentially interesting Objects to work with, taking into account the Shutdown Schedules for major repairs;
  • Preliminary Data collection and analysis;
  • Formation a budget proposal for the selected objects;
  • Support or formation of a Feasibility Study for the implementation of FBT;
  • Customer's including of the approved FBT event to the Programs and Plans for upcoming shutdowns for overhaul;
  • Organization by the Customer of competitive procedures for placing their Order in accordance with the current Legislation and Internal Regulations of the Customer.

Green Ray

If we win on a competitive basis, it is assumed that "Green Ray Ltd." will continue working on the Project.

The Scope of Work as part of the Customer's Technical Requirement may include:

  • Performing instrumental thermal and engineering inspection of the Object in the mode of it's routine operation BEFORE applying a High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coating , with the issuance of a Report on the results of the Survey;
  • Development and/or specification of a Method for determining the economic effect of FBT Technology on the surveyed Object with subsequent approval it by the Customer;
  • Development or adjustment of project documents for the performance of work on FBT Technology, including: local estimates (Estimates), Projects for the Production of Works (PPW), Projects for the Production of dangerous Works at Height(PPWH), internal documents for the safe production of dangerous types of work on the Site;
  • Delivery of materials, equipment and labor resources to the place of work on the Object according to the Schedule of overhaul agreed with the Customer, including delivery and storage of the main material for applying HEC coatings;
  • Obtaining permits-to-work and approvals required to start work on the Site from State Supervisory Authorities and from the Customer;
  • Supervision of compliance with HEC coating Technology, including periods of delivery, warehousing, storage of material, quality control of surfaces preparation, quality of HEC coating, the period of pre-start and start-up operations after completion of overhaul at the Sait;
  • Performing an instrumental thermal engineering Survey of the Object AFTER applying HEC coatings and entering the regular operation mode of the Object, with the issuance of a Report on the effect actually achieved;
  • Monitoring the operation of the Object during its industrial inter-repair run with the applied HEC coating;
  • Inspection of the technical condition of the HEC coating during the next stop of the Object for overhaul;
  • Execution of works on restoration of the HEC coating in the event of a warranty claim;
  • Organization and management of the Project for the implementation of FBT in General.

Note: the Number and Content of Stages can be expanded or reduced at the discretion of the Customer.

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