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Green Ray

CiBot - is a robotic technology for pipe inspection in the field site.

Green Ray

CiBot - is a complex that allows you to determine the carburization, brittleness, geometry of furnace tubes at ethylene plants, oil refineries, petrochemical and fertilizer plants.


CiBot ensures the quality of pipe diagnostics over their entire surface with a total covering of the control zone in 1 cm increments. It compares favorably with the traditional NDT point inspection method.

CiBot ensures the speed and efficiency of diagnostics, leaving time for making decisions on replacing pipes during the current repair.

CiBot ensures the safety of performing work at height in cramped conditions into the furnace.

CiBot it provides information sufficient to determine the residual life of pipes if the using of this technology is systematically.

CiBot it provides information sufficient to develop a strategy for maintenance, repair and replacement of tubes, allows you to plan and optimize the schedule of tube replacement in furnaces for the future.

Green Ray

The main Technical data and characteristics of CiBot:

  • Applicable for pipes with an outer diameter from 50 mm to 165 mm and more if need;
  • The minimum distance between tubes in a row is 50 mm;
  • It takes from 6 to 10 minutes to diagnose one tube;
  • The data collection step along the length of the tube is 1 cm;
  • CiBot can collect more than 1000 data on each linear meter of the tube;
  • CiBot allows you to deploy several complexes for their simultaneous operation in order to speed up the work;
  • The processing of diagnostic results and the issuance of a preliminary field report to the Customer for decision-making takes 24 hours.

Type of Report on the result of CiBot diagnostics:

Green Ray

With the help of the CiBot, the Customer also gets the opportunity to:

  • Increase the safety of operation and ensure the reliability of the furnace and process unit;
  • Identify areas of heat distribution imbalance in the furnace, tube overheating zones, followed by the elimination of such areas and equalization of the temperature field;
  • Adjust the choice of material execution of tubes in case of their frequent rejection and replacement;
  • Use of integrated solutions to increase the reliability and safety of operation of furnaces.

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The CiBot Technology in SCG Chemicals is represented by REPCO NEX Industrial Solutions company.

SCG Chemicals - REPCO NEX Industrial Solutions

REPCO NEX Industrial Solutions

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