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What is FBT for?

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What does the introduction of Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) provide?

It should be said that the international community, represented by the UN, included FB Technology in the list of energy-efficient measures in industry back in 2006. Moreover, this was done as part of the Environmental Protection Program. This is symbolic, because FB Technology ultimately brings environmental dividends in the form of our health and our offspring on planet Earth.

Green Ray

Using the Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) gives the following long-term positive effects, proven by the practice of implementation in Russia and in the world :

  • The increase in the Energy Efficiency of the radiation chamber and the entire furnace as a whole by increasing the Blackness Coefficient (or emission coefficient) of the surfaces in the System: "Emitter (torch) - Re-emitter (lining) - Receiver (heat-absorbing surfaces)" in the radiation chamber of furnace.

From the point of view of Heat Engineering, the increase in the "Blackness" of the lining as a re-emitter is translated by calculation into square meters of lining when designing the furnace and into the indicator of the Heat Stress of the furnace. Due to the Blackening of the combustion chamber of the fire apparatus, the efficiency of radiant (radiation) heat exchange is achieved with a reduction in the cost of resources for heating raw materials.

  • Increasing the Energy Efficiency of the fire apparatus by optimizing heat exchange processes by evenly distributing the radiant energy of the torch inside the combustion chamber and evenly heating the entire surface of the coils with raw.

This is especially relevant if the heat load on the furnace radiation chamber is high according the it's project.

Modern refining furnaces are designed with a distribution of heat load between the radiation and convection chambers in the ratio of 80% radiation + 20% convection = 100% total heat load, approximately.

Therefore, the efficiency of the furnace Radiation Chamber is particularly important.

Green Ray

  • The possibility of increasing the heat load on the furnace with an increase in its performance.
  • Reducing the temperature of gases at the exit from the furnace radiation chamber (at the "bridge wall"), the temperature of flue gases leaving the furnace, reducing heat losses through the outer surface of the furnace body with an increase in the Efficiency of the furnace as a result.
  • Reducing the specific consumption of equivalent fuel, especially in the case of using more "light" types of gaseous fuel with a "transparent" or "non-luminous" combustion torch and other emission spectrum of combustion gases, for example, natural gas methane or hydrogen-containing in-refineries gas.
  • Reduction of total energy consumption for the entire Technological Process with their estimation, for example, using the Solomon Methodology.
  • Reducing the environmental burden on the Nature and Ecology of the location of the technological installation by reducing emissions of harmful combustion products into the environment.
  • Increase in Inter-Repair Runs (IRR) of furnaces and Units due to uniform heating of pipes that are prone to in-pipe coking in the processing of Heavy Oil Residues (HOR).

These are processes: Visbreaking, Thermal Cracking and Delayed Coking.

Or, highly heat-stressed reaction processes for processing light hydrocarbons - Pyrolysis, Steam Reforming, and others.

  • Increasing the useful life and reliability of equipment (pipes and linings) in the radiation chamber of the furnace due to the fact that:
    • HEC coating is gas-tight and is a barrier to the penetration of aggressive flue gases to the surface of both pipes and linings;
    • protects them from erosion and corrosion;
    • reduces the level and speed of formation of deposits of combustion products on surfaces with their external side in combustor chamber;
    • provides uniform heating of surfaces without local zones of overheating and underheating along the length and cross-section of pipes in furnaces.
  • Changes for the better in the Coefficients and Criteria for evaluating OPEX - specific Operating costs for the Technological Process. For example, using the Solomon Methodology.
  • Increasing the Technological efficiency of the Unit, thanks to the stable operation of the furnace and the entire process. Effect can be expressed in a positive change with:
    • Increasing the output of the Target Balance Products from the furnace if it is reactive, or from the entire prosess Unit as a whole;
    • Increasing the Conversion Rate or depth of conversion of raw materials;
    • Reducing of recirculate within the process Unit.
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of refining and petrochemical enterprises and industries with a decrease in OPEX. This affects the price and quotations of shares of open joint-stock companies, "blue chips" through the market mechanism of buying and selling shares.

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