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Supervision of HEC Coating Operations

Green Ray

Successful implementation of Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) requires careful and meticulous support both in terms of evaluating the potential effect based on the actual situation and calculations, and from the quality of construction and installation work on the application of HEC coatings with all the requirements of the application Technology.

The success of any event depends on its practical implementation.

Until the HEC coating kilning, all Stages of the active phase of construction work on the site are under the control of Supervisors, namely:

  • The reception of the HEC material on the site, its placement and the creation of conditions of its storage;
  • On-site preparation and quality control of the HEC composition;
  • Quality control of surface preparation for HEC coating during abrasive blasting and after de-dusting. If necessary, it is issued by the Act on the covered-up works together with the Customer in the standard form;
  • Quality control of the applied НЕС coating. If necessary, it is issued by an Act of acceptance and transfer of completed works between the Customer and the Сontractor in a standard form;
  • Monitoring of climatic conditions in the work area during the production of painting works;
  • Monitoring of climatic conditions in the area of applied HEC coatings after completion of work until the closing of the furnace manholes and the begin of start-up operations;
  • Monitoring the process of blowing the furnace and igniting the burners.
  • Control of Temperature rise schedules in the furnace in accordance with the agreed Schedule and according to the Regulations of the furnace.

Green Ray

The company "Green Ray" employs specialists who have many years of experience with the material of HEC coatings, as well as experience in implementing such Projects from the their beginning to their completion, at all Stages of the Project, including :

Aidar Ismagilov. Director of construction, "Green Ray". Has experience in "field" work since 2013. Successfully completed the Supervisor training course and officially certified with the right to perform painting works directly, as well as as a Supervisor at worksite. Experience with HEC coatings - 8 years.

Azat Karimov. Chief Engineer of "Green Ray". He was at the origin of the promotion of FBT Technology in Russia. Since 2007, he have been working on increasing the efficiency of furnaces since. Since 2010, he has been promoting FBT Technology using HEC material in Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Romania and other countries. Author of many reports and presentations on technologies and ways to increase the efficiency of heating and heat exchange devices in the processes of Refining and Petrochemistry. For example, he prepared a Presentation with "Ufa Oil Institute" at the international Oil Forum PRC-2019 in Budapest, Hungary on the topic: "Solutions to Increase the Margin Of Heavy Oil Residue Processing". Has direct experience in implementing Projects in the "turnkey" (EPCM) format. He has experience in "field" work with HEC coatings since the first project in Russia in 2011. He has managed and participated in all Projects for the implementation of FBT Technology using HEC coatings in Russia and Eastern Europe. Successfully completed advanced training courses and officially certified with the right to perform painting works directly, as well as as a supervisor on the worksite. Experience with Hec coatings - 12 years.

References of employees of "Green Ray" company on works related to the implementation of the Furnace Blackening Technology (FBT) using High-Emissivity Ceramic (HEC) coatings are described on the website page :

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Green Ray

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