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HEC composition consumption

Green Ray

The consumption of material HEC per unit of area to be painted (Specific Consumption) depends on many external objective factors :

  • From the material of base to which the coating is applied. These can be :
    • Metal surface. They have a relatively stable roughness profile after being sandblasted;
    • Lining made of fire-resistant concrete, chamotte brick or "soft" ceramic fiber. All three most popular types of lining material have significantly different porosity, surface profile and surface roughness.
  • Depending on the technical condition of the base, its age, the degree of wear.
  • From the design features of furnaces, including :
    • location of pipes in the radiation chamber relative to the furnace lining;
    • location of pipes relative to each other;
    • diameters of coil pipes in the radiation chamber of the furnace.
  • From the application method :
    • with a brush;
    • with a roller;
    • by air spray;
    • airless method.
  • From the amount of work performed at a time:
    • In any case, an integer number of minimum packaging containers with the HEC coating material is used;
    • with small volumes of work and / or frequent pauses in the production of work, the technological losses of HEC material concerned with washing paint equipment and working tanks increase.

To prepare an estimated Budget Technical and Commercial Proposal, "Green Ray Ltd" determines the total HEC material consumption based on :

  • the received Drawings of the furnace, the furnace Passport, data from the completed Questionnaire for the furnace;
  • recommendations of the HEC coating manufacturer;
  • own rich experience of working with HEC coating.

In the course of construction and installation works on the application of HEC coatings, the actual confirmed consumption of HEC material is recorded together with the Customer and paid for fact.

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